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Every hardwood product needs to be finished to seal and protect it, but different finishes have different benefits and depending on your priorities some finishes will be better for you than others. Factors at play here are: VOC content, durability, luster level and maintenance schedule. Let me break it down for you.
Pergo is back! We haven’t heard much from the Swedish company Pergo since they invented laminate in the 1970’s. They made an excellent product, but they were soon overshadowed by competitors. In the last couple of years however, Pergo has made quite a resurgence, stepping back up to the plate with a stellar line of...
If you’re putting new floors in your Calgary home and you have a stairway, you might have a dilemma on your hands. Should you put carpet or hardwood on the stairs? Sometimes the choice isn’t obvious. If you have carpet upstairs and hardwood on the main floor you can go with either.
Having realistic expectations of your prospective hardwood floor is important when making a selection. Here’s some information to keep in mind. 
Laminate manufacturers have successfully created a water-resistant laminate, (not to be confused with waterproof). These new lines of Laminate will hold up against all kinds of surface spills and thus can be installed in high moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and entryways.
With such a wide array of materials, constructions, manufacturers and fibre types to choose from, deciding which carpet to bring into your home can be a daunting prospect. Add to the equation considerations like room location, lifestyle, family size, aesthetic taste and you’ve got a veritable labyrinth. Read this blog for some clarity!
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