Corkwood by TORLYS: An Innovation in Cork Flooring

Cork = comfort & sustainability
Wood = beautiful & versatile
Therefore, Cork + Wood = all the great things.

It’s a simple combination, but it’s kind of brilliant. By combining the properties of cork with the aesthetic depth of hardwood, TORLYS created a floor covering that strikes a nice balance between form and function: it is beautiful and sustainable, yet aesthetically and functionally versatile.

Man holding a cork tree with sunset light

What is CorkWood exactly? It is a click together cork plank whose top layer has been embossed to resemble hardwood. It looks like hardwood, feels like cork but performs like laminate—a deadly hybrid in our opinion.

Cork Properties

Cork oak

As a cork product, CorkWood is first and foremost, comfortable and supportive underfoot. It is also a natural insulator, which keeps it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Cork is one of the more, if not the most, environmentally friendly floor coverings: cork bark is renewable and harvested with care. It is taken only once every 9 years without felling or even damaging its hosting tree. Corkwood in particular is LEED and FSC certified, meaning it uses sustainable foresting methods and relatively non-toxic manufacturing methods.

Convenient & Durable

Man laying CorkWood flooring in a home.

As a click-together product that is often floated, CorkWood can be easily and conveniently installed with little mess or dust. Even replacing a board is painless: using a special tool, the board can be isolated and replaced without disturbing the rest of the floor. CorkWood also has excellent wear-resistance, with an AC4 laminate rating, meaning that the finish wears as well as some laminates. It’s impressive considering that laminate finishes can easily last up to three decades.

Hardwood Aesthetic

Dark CorkWood floor in a beautiful modern kitchen.

When TORLYS designed this brand new product, they sought to solve a fashion dilemma: how can you enjoy the qualities of cork without taking on its aesthetic limitations? As you well know, the texture and porous pattern of cork only lends itself to so many looks. But the same cannot be said about hardwood. So TORLYS thought—why not combine the two?

In keeping with the domestic species trend in the hardwood world, TORLYS chose to emboss the cork with Oak and Walnut grain patterns. They also followed suite with colour trends, emphasizing white, brown, chestnut and grey stain colours. As a result, CorkWood has the charm and aura of contemporary hardwood, but the versatility and comfortability of cork.

CorkWood is now available in Calgary at Floorscapes! We now carry both the CorkWood Designer and the CorkWood Elite collections. We have also just welcomed a large CorkWood display into our showroom and invite you to come check it out in person. Photos don’t do it justice!

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Written by guest author Eric Osborne

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