Corkwood by TORLYS: An Innovation in Cork Flooring

It’s a simple combination, but it’s kind of brilliant. By combining the properties of cork with the aesthetic depth of hardwood, TORLYS created a floor covering that strikes a nice balance between form and function: it is beautiful and sustainable, yet aesthetically and functionally versatile...
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Midcentury Modern Entranceway

Resurgence of Midcentury Modern

You may have noticed that our website hosts a lot of Modern design. As a Calgary flooring provider, we can and do work with a variety of styles and tastes, but whether consciously or sub-consciously, we keep favoring Modern design in our projects and our room scenes. We asked ourselves the question, why do we love Modern design so much? And in particular Midcentury Modern...
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On a worn wooden surface painted light blue lay a retro pair of studio headphones and a few assorted 45s

Intro to 'Luxury Vinyl'

In the world of music, vinyl has old school charm. In the world of flooring, memories of vinyl sheet goods (or linoleum), are not quite nostalgic... Lino was a good affordable floor twenty years ago, but is now considered kitsch and has an unsavory, plastic look to it...
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The inside of a rustic wooden cabin with very distinctive hardwood floors.

Hardwood Manifesto

There’s a reason that hardwood floors have been consistently warming Calgary homes for over a century. On top of their durability and unmatched utility as a comfortable but very cleanable surface, the intricate natural beauty of true wood grain is unparalleled...
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A picturesque old log cabin sits in a sunny valley with a large mountain in the distance through a clearing in the nearby forest.

Canada 150

As you know well by the proliferation of Canada 150 sentiments, posts and quips on the internet, this July 1st is a special Canada Day. 150 years ago, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were consolidated as provinces under the Dominion of Canada. The Canadian Encyclopedia calls it “the first step” that would eventually fulfill the vision of a unified country “from sea to sea...
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Brick wall with shelves packed with thick white candles in a restaurant called Anejo.

Anejo: Restaurant Design At It's Best

As I enter Anejo for the first time, I’m thrilled to notice that this establishment meets all of the requirements for great restaurant design. Because Anejo is a Mexican restaurant, it’s important the feel is communicated while still keeping things up to date and in the realm of design that Calgarians appreciate and respond to...
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