What is Vinyl Plank?

What is Vinyl Plank?

LVT and LVP, what are they? If you’re on the look out for flooring, you’ve probably heard their names and the associated buzz. In fact, LVT and LVP are both types of “Luxury Vinyl,” a term that the flooring industry uses to encompass a new wave of vinyl floor coverings. Luxury Vinyl is an excellent product and I will tell you why...
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Scenic Mountains and foothills of Alberta Canada in autumn

A Foothills' Style?

The Foothills are uniqe. They are a topography defined not by what they are, but more so by what they aren’t, and what they exist in relation to. They are a transitional zone between mountains and prairies...
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Kim Nadel is an award-winning, certified interior designer, and LEED Accredited Green Design Strategist.

Biophilic Design

In the world of flooring, nothing compares to the grace of natural materials: Hardwood, Stone Tile, Cork and Wool Carpet. They are sophisticated, yet they are earthy; they are highly sought-after, yet they are common. Most would agree that they make a space feel more warm, inviting and even peaceful...
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The badlands of Alberta, near Drumheller.

Condos & Hardwood

Hardwood is like a sponge: it absorbs moisture and changes shape accordingly. Generally these changes are subtle, but subtle changes can become substantial when...
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Sarah Richardson in Caglary Alberta Canada

Sarah Richardson: 3 Simple Design Principles

This weekend at the Calgary Renovation Show we had the pleasure of seeing Sarah Richardson speak in person. If you’ve seen any of Sarah’s shows on HGTV, you’ll know that she’s a passionate design guru. Many a Canadian seek Sarah’s divinely design wisdom on a daily basis. Hence her many occupations: writer, producer, TV personality and public speaker. But it is through running her own design firm...
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A white Scandinavian designed living-room

Flooring as a Design Anchor

It’s more subtle than a beautifully upholstered chair or a radiant light fixture, but flooring has a major impact on a room’s style. It doesn’t jump out at you, but it colours what does...
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The Team with Baeumler

Yes, We Are Baeumler Approved

At this year’s Calgary Fall Home Show, we at Floorscapes got a special treat. As members of the Baeumler Approved Network, we had the privilege of meeting...
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Synthetic fibers carpet factory

The Smartest Carpet Around

Everyone knows that the main shortfall of carpet is that it accumulates dirt and is harder to clean than hard surface floors. But carpet manufacturers have been working for decades to limit this problem...
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