Indoor Air Pollution

It’s common knowledge nowadays that indoor air quality is a serious health concern. Doctors and industry officials say that indoor air pollution is generally worse than outdoor. Respiratory problems, migraines and compromised immune systems are some of the risks here.

Man suspicious of home air filter

Surprisingly, it’s not just gas-powered appliances that can inject CO, NO2 and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) into the air, it’s also building and finishing materials (among other sources). Insulation, flooring, finishes and adhesives all off-gas, and if they contain VOC’s, it can be harmful. Thankfully, the construction industry is becoming more aware. Low-VOC and no-VOC products that limit or prevent harmful off-gassing are becoming more popular.

Lauzon’s Genius

A fully installed Lauzon floor

Being the innovative Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturer that they are, Lauzon has designed a product that goes one step further—it actively cleans the air. It’s called Pure Genius, and it is as the name suggests. Get this: an air-purifying agent lies dormant in the hardwood’s finish until it is activated by light. It is then released and circulated by the natural movement of air throughout your home. Like little guardians, the Pure Genius nano-particles roam about your home, decomposing toxic contaminants and converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Indoor air could be up to 85% cleaner

Really? Really.

Taking Formaldehyde as an example of a toxic contaminent, Pure Genius can reduce its levels by up to 85% in 30 days. It is also effective against gases, allergens and bacteria, helping prevent allergies and asthma, as well as potentially carcinogenic emissions. It doesn’t let up either. For as long as the floor is in your home, it continues its purifying process. Want proof of its efficacy?

Breathe Deep


All in all, a Pure Genius floor is a great addition to a clean air home. Along with proper ventilation, gas-powered appliance maintenance and an awareness of toxic cleaners and products, Pure Genius will help keep your air clean and healthy to breathe.

Pure Genius is available on most products in Lauzon’s Designer and Ambiance collections.

Written by guest author Eric Osborne

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