It's All in the Details

Details in the expansive world of design are imperative, especially when it comes to architectural aspects of the interior.

I've always been a big fan of the modern & minimalistic look, but there is the possibility of too minimal. I love low lying, horizontal lines in built-ins & furniture etc. but it's important to add detail to ensure the space doesn't become flat and uninteresting. This can be done through use of colour, architectural detail in mouldings, or different materials used throughout. Here are a few examples of how interest is achieved through architectural details and use of colour.

Multi-leveled white ceiling

Ceiling Detail

This multi-level ceiling detail adds so much interest to the space in such a simple way. In doing this, the minimalist look is still achieved, but it does not read as flat or plain despite the neutral tones. The task lighting emphasizes the detail, creating an ambience of depth. A component that could be added to this detail to showcase it more would be plants/vines along the ledge hanging down, to create art through natural elements.

Inset rectangle in ceiling with hanging lights

Recessed Ceiling Detail

How lucky are we that we no longer live in an age where popcorn or stippled ceilings are the norm? Now our homes have beautiful flat ceilings, allowing the interest to come from architectural detail. This is an excellent example of how much elegance can be gained through the use of details. This home has no crown mouldings & the baseboards are simple 6” with no emphasized detail. This is the perfect method to preserve minimalism, while ensuring authenticity and beauty.

Tom Dixon Pressed Glass Pendant (Lens, Bowl & Tube)

These pendants provide a lovely touch to the space. They achieve the addition of detail through use of material and compliment the natural, earthy feel of the wood grain, and flat neutral lines of the ceiling.

Close up of hardwood on the left and dark tile on the right

Varying Materials

The use of materials in their natural state is something I love. Why alter a naturally beautiful material with stain or paint? On the floor is Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut, the countertop; Soapstone. This is a great example of detail added through use of colour, and variation of materials used. The natural/enhanced state of both the materials is the perfect ingredient for bringing the beauty of nature into the interior.

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