Laminate is utility - it has the aesthetic and texture of hardwood, but it is more affordable, easier to install and can actually be harder. As a work-horse floor covering, it is very hard-wearing, cleanable and can be installed in any context.


Quality laminate emulates hardwood quite convincingly. Modern printing methods are able to accurately recreate unique hardwood grain patterns. No need to compromise on the latest hardwood trends either, with many lines of laminate recreating the aesthetic innovations we see in hardwood.


Quality laminate feels as real underfoot as it appears to the eye. With innovative 3D printing methods, manufacturers are getting more and more accurate at recreating the texture of hardwood: individual boards, bevels between them, surface variation and intricate grain patterns included.


Two qualities of laminate set it apart: first, laminate is the hardest synthetic floor covering, and second, it comes in a ‘floating floor format’ which means it can just as easily be installed in apartments, condos and basements as in a typical wood-frame construction home. Laminate’s durability is such that it sometimes outlasts even hardwood or tile.

choosing laminate

In Calgary, choosing the right Laminate means keeping two things in mind. First, what is your style? Second, what is your lifestyle? Choosing the right laminate is all about knowing what will suit your home and knowing what kind of performance you require.

You know your taste and your lifestyle and we know Calgary Laminate. We will get to know your story and your vision so that we can help you find the right Laminate for your Calgary home. Come into our showroom and we will help you create a space that feels like yours.


which room?

As a floating, hard-surface floor, most laminates are well suited for all rooms. If however, you want Laminate in a high moisture room like the bathroom, it’s best to go with a water-resistant version. Laminate can be installed over concrete or plywood, so it can go in basements and condominiums. Its hardness and wear resistance makes it perfectly fit for high traffic areas like hallways, kitchens and entryways.

floating floor

Aside from being able to install laminate in basements and condos, the fact that it is a floating floor provides two additional benefits: first, it is easy, quick and clean to install and second, individual boards can be isolated and replaced if they get damaged.


Manufacturers have recently found ways to make laminate water-resistant. By making the joints between the boards air-tight as well as applying a waterproof surface coating, manufacturers are guaranteeing that these lines of laminate won’t be damaged by small spills. If you want laminate in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or entry-way, go with a water-resistant laminate.


Laminate is multi-layered. Generally, there are several layers of backing at the bottom, then a core of High-Density Fibreboard, and then a transparent top layer. Quality laminate has an extremely durable top layer, which contains a mixture of finishes and strengthening additives that make it superbly scratch and dent resistant.

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