Backed by over 30 years of excellence and innovation, TORLYS combines European-inspired design with high technology to create some of the best flooring products in the world. We are pleased to offer TORLYS engineered flooring in our Calgary showroom, including cork, hardwood, luxury vinyl and leather. This Canadian company continues to deliver outstanding product, great value and flooring built to last. Ask to see one of our several TORLYS showroom displays.continues to deliver outstanding product, great value and flooring built to last. Ask to see one of our several TORLYS showroom displays.


Mohawk Flooring offers a high-performance carpet at an accessible cost. How? Unique among carpet manufacturers, Mohawk uses a special technology that solves the dilemma of polyester vs. nylon carpets – polyester is less durable than nylon but nylon shows more dirt than polyester. It used to be one or the other. But using their ‘Smart Strand’ technology (a hybrid fiber), you can have the durability of nylon and the cleanliness of polyester. Ask to see our Mohawk displays in our showroom.


Shaw Floors is a world-renown manufacturer that mainly deals in carpet but also carries hardwood and laminate. Their Tuftex carpet line offers high end carpets in elaborate patterns and colours, while the direct Shaw line offers great performance at an accessible price. With their ‘R2X’ technology, it has excellent stain resistance and durability. Ask to see one of our Shaw Floors displays in our showroom.


QuickStep is a European laminate manufacturer and has lead the industry in design since its inception in 1990. Its patented Uni-Clic system was one of the first “click-together” floating floor systems. The design was so effective that it has barely changed since. QuickStep continues to innovate in creative ways, including offering longer lengths, wider planks, and unique finishes across their many collections. Ask to see our QuickStep display in our showroom.


Karastan is truly a remarkable brand in the flooring world. With over 90 years of experience, Karastan is well-known for its high quality and range, from traditional, neautral colours to more elegant and intricate weaves like herringbone or braid. Each rug and carpet start with a unique design vision inspired by global travel and are produced by the hands of craftsmen and women, right here in North America. Ask to see our Karastan display in our showroom.


Masland occupies the upper echelon of the carpet world. Sophisticated design and massive color banks make Masland a popular choice for designers and architects. Intricate weaving methods and attention to detail result in a truly beautiful carpet that is durable yet soft underfoot. The Masland tradition of manufacturing quality products has been practiced for 150 years and continues to be practiced today. Ask to see our Masland display in our showroom.


Lauzon is a world-renowned Canadian hardwood manufacturer for two reasons: innovation and self-sufficiency. Working almost exclusively with North American domestic hardwoods, Lauzon represents creativity and advancement in the hardwood industry and they are constantly innovating. Lauzon uniquely manages each step of the manufacturing process from logging to distrubution, all of which proudly hails from beautiful eastern Canada. Ask to see our Lauzon display in our showroom.


Based in Quebec, Preverco is a well-respected Canadian hardwood manufacturer. Known for a wide range of styles with an edgy design, Preverco sets itself apart in the market through customization. Our clients love Preverco’s fantastically large colour bank and wide variety of formats from solid core to click-together, available in any species, colour and finish. Ask to see our Preverco display in our showroom.


Ceratec is an outstanding Canadian tile manufacturer with a true passion for design. Their vast and unique tile collections are marked by high aesthetic and top-notch quality. Ceratec tile is sourced from excellent materials and are designed to showcase attention to detail in all elements from cutting to glazing, resulting in a higly durable product with worry-free maintenance. From designers to homeowners, our clients simply love Ceratec. Ask to see our Ceratec display in our showroom.