Tile is timeless - it’s been cladding floors since Ancient Egypt, yet it makes a space feel modern, chic and clean. Quality, well-installed tile is impervious to moisture, easy to clean and lasts a lifetime.


Tile truly comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. Choose between a large rectangular format 24″x48” to an intricate octagonal mosaic, and colours from a subdued natural stone to a boldly glazed porcelain.


All tile is firm underfoot, but what varies is the texture. With larger format tiles, there are fewer grout lines, so the surface is more consistent. Natural Stone and Porcelain Tile come in all kinds of textures from perfectly even to rusticly surfaced. Tile is cool underfoot, unless warmed by in-floor heating.


Tile is extremely durable, waterproof and cleanable. When properly installed and waterproofed, it will keep your kitchens and bathrooms safe from pooling water. It will remain resilient to scratching and if well-maintained, it will stay clean and fresh for decades.



In Calgary, choosing the right tile means keeping two things in mind. First, what is your style? Second, what is your lifestyle? Choosing the right tile is all about knowing what will suit your home and knowing what kind of performance you require.

You know your taste and your lifestyle and we know tile. We will get to know your story and your vision so that we can help you find the right tile for your Calgary home. Come into our showroom and we will help you create a space that feels like yours.

which room?

Floor tile is best suited for transitory, high moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Wall Tile is very versatile and can clad backsplashes and surrounds, or better yet, serve as full wall treatments in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and fireplaces.

porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is extremely strong and highly versatile. For this reason, it is a great floor tile. Size, shape and colour options are vast. Recent advances in printing technology have made its appearance more intricate and varied, with glazed, patterned and natural stone-esque options.

stone tile

Stone tile is made of natural stone. It is the real deal. Stone tile contains the intricate beauty of mineral grains and striations. If authenticity is important to you and you’re going for a natural look, go for marble, limestone or slate tile.

glass tile

Glass tile is the “jewelry” of a room. The way it plays with light gives it a special kind of allure. As a wall tile, it works very well as an accent piece in backsplashes and tub surrounds.

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